Dealing With Snow In The Winter

Having fun in the winter is a pastime that many adults can recall, and children embrace.  Although going out and playing is the main focus for the winter month the chores of shoveling shown and maintaining a warm home usually overpower the fun and enjoyment.  One aspect of snow removal is removing the snow load on roof after a big storm.  Having a large amount of snow on our roofs will cause damage to the structure of the house that will need to be repaired.

Use a snowblower

A snowblower is a great piece of equipment that you can use to remove snow from your yards and driveways.  When snow begins to pack itself down it becomes too heavy to move with a shovel.  The use of a snowblower can easily remove this snow quickly and save on your back.

Don’t let it ice over

The hardest thing to do is try to remove snow when it ices over.  When we have cold rain and then a freezing spell the snow that has fallen will create a hard outer shell that can be slippery.  If you do end up having icy covered snow a rood idea is to use salt and sand to help melt the snow into slush.  This is a good combination to use on your roof as well.

Monitor snow fall

Keeping an eye on the snow fall and the future predictions of the snow is vital in the winter.   If you see that there will be rain or a lot snow in the future taking the time now before it hits to remove snow from your roof, yard and other vital areas will lessen the impact you will feel after the storm hits.

snow load on roof

Enjoy winter

The snow is supposed to be fun.  Taking the time to deal with the unpleasant aspects of the season as quickly as possible will leave more time for having fun.