Why Do We Need Home Inspections When Purchasing A Property?

Purchasing a property is a very expensive undertaking.  When purchasing a home to live in as your primary residence a home inspection is needed to ensure that the home is safe for you and your family.  This home will be with you for years to come and needs to be safe.  For those looking to purchase a home for a rental property getting a home inspection is doubly vital.  You don’t want to rent to someone and have them injured, this could lead to major lawsuits.  So, choosing the right home inspection services cleveland will be the first step.

Basements and foundations

The first thing that should be looked at is the basement and or foundation of your building.  If the foundation is shifting, cracking or otherwise in need of repair this will give the inspector a good indication as to where to look as well as what future problems may occur.

Walls and ceilings

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The next part of an inspection is to look at walls and ceilings. Do they show signs of cracking or chipping?  Are the floors level or are they beginning to slope?  Signs of water damage, mold and animal infestation can also be determined in this part of the inspection.

Plumbing and electric

The plumbing and electric are also inspected at this point.  If plumbing is cracking or worn from non-use then this can be an expense that should be known.  Electrical problems are also vitally important as well.  If a wire is frayed or not up to code fires can easily be created. 

How long should an inspection take?

Each inspection and inspector will take a different amount of time.  For newer houses you may be looking at an hour or two since issues will be obvious.  In older houses three to four hours may be required.  The idea is to find everything the first time and make sure that it is documented.  Don’t gloss over anything for the sake of speed or a good deal.  A home inspection can mean the difference between finding a diamond or coal.